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Favorable or Unfavorable #32: Alben W. Barkley


Favorable or Unfavorable #32: Alben W. Barkley  

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VP Alben W Barkley (D-KY) was almost the first Joe Biden. Barkley was a relic from the Wilson era, who ran for president during the Cold War. A major figure but obscure today. 

Here are his actions:

Barkley, Alben W 1916 Co-sponsors Sheppard-Barkley Act, banning alcohol in DC
Barkley, Alben W 1917 Crafts amd't to Food and Fuel Control Act, restricting the use of grain in making alcohol
Barkley, Alben W 1920 Supports McAdoo for Dem nom at convention
Barkley, Alben W 1924 Supports McAdoo for Dem nom at convention again
Barkley, Alben W 1926 Major role in Railway Labor Act
Barkley, Alben W 1928 Candidate for VP at Dem Conv
Barkley, Alben W 1929 Leads coalition of liberal Dems and GOP opposed to Hoover's high tariffs
Barkley, Alben W 1932 Gives keynote address at Dem conv, causing near-chaos when he calls for repeal of prohibition
Barkley, Alben W 1933 Plays a role in leading much of the early New Deal legislation
Barkley, Alben W 1936 Gives keynote address at Dem conv for the second time in a row
Barkley, Alben W 1937 Sen Maj Ldr, elected by 1 vote, thanks to FDR's influence, which angered some
Barkley, Alben W 1938 WPA funds allegedly misused in his KY primary
Barkley, Alben W 1939 Considered by FDR and other Dems as likely pres successor until WWII breaks out in Europe
Barkley, Alben W 1940 speaks for FDR breaking precedence on 3rd term at Demo convention, but opposes Wallace as VP
Barkley, Alben W 1941 Senate sponsor of Lend-Lease Act
Barkley, Alben W 1941 Role in getting War Powers Act passed
Barkley, Alben W 1941 Role in getting Emergency Price Control Act passed
Barkley, Alben W 1943 Introduces resolution to punish Nazis for persecuting Jewish people
Barkley, Alben W 1943 Upset with FDR b/c does not appt him to the SC and over disagreements w/ War Production Board contracts
Barkley, Alben W 1944 Resigns as Maj Ldr over FDR vetoing revenue bill; senate relects him as leader and overrides the veto
Barkley, Alben W 1944 VP cand at Dem conv
Barkley, Alben W 1946 Leads committee investigating Pearl Harbor attack, which absolves FDR of any blame
Barkley, Alben W 1947 Sen Min Ldr
Barkley, Alben W 1948 Demo nominee for VP (wins w/ Truman)
Barkley, Alben W 1948 keynote speech causes sensation when he mentions Truman only once and slams GOP Congress
Barkley, Alben W 1952 Dem Pres Cand, supported by Truman
Barkley, Alben W 1956 Refused to sign Southern Manifesto
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