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Favorable or Unfavorable #34: William Barr


Favorable or Unfavorable #34: William Barr  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #34: William Barr

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William Barr is a two-time Att Gen. He has a few near actions, playing some roles in Iran-Contra hearings and pardons and stuff regarding justifying going after Noriega, but it falls just short of being strong enough. I'll just let you know about it up here in this section if it matters to you. 

His actions:

Barr, William 1991 Confirmed Att Gen for Bush
Barr, William 1992 Releases report advocating higher incarceraton rates, leading to Violent Crime Control Act of 1994
Barr, William 2019 Confirmed Att Gen for Trump, serving during peak COVID, BLM protests, and the 1st impeachment
Barr, William 2020 States the FBI and Justice Dept found no evidence of irregularities in 2020 Pres Election
Barr, William 2020 Forced out of the admin for contradicting Trump's charge of election fraud in 2020 election.
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I'll give him credit for breaking with Trump and declaring that Trump's Justice Department did not find fraud in Trump's 2020 defeat. That takes a lot of courage to present the facts when you have a historically volatile president. It probably helped that Barr isn't anyone ever seeking an elected position. On the whole though, do not like him. 

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