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Favorable or Unfavorable #37: James Bayard


Favorable or Unfavorable #37: James Bayard  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #37: James Bayard

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James Bayard of DE is probably the most influential person from the state not named Joe Biden. Bayard decided the 1800 election on Hamilton's advice in favor of Jefferson over Burr. He died in 1815, not long after helping secure peace. Shortly before his dead, Madison offered him the Amb to Russia spot, despite him being a Federalist. Both this offer, and the fact that he was part of the peace commission, was because he was supportive of the war, unlike most Federalists. 

I'd like to mention that James Bayard Jr almost makes the list. He had 4 actions. He was also a DE Senator, but he was forced to resign in 1864 because he wouldn't take a loyalty oath. He opposed the CW and wanted DE to secede with the South. This Bayard's son (and so grandson of James Bayard), Thomas F Bayard, will be posted next. 

His actions:

Bayard, James 1798 An impeachment manager in the William Blount impeachment trial
Bayard, James 1801 key vote in Jefferson over Burr in deadlocked pres election
Bayard, James 1801 Comes in second in Speaker election
Bayard, James 1801 a Federalist leader who was ignored
Bayard, James 1801 Declines Adams's offer to be Amb to France, possibly because Jefferson would soon be pres
Bayard, James 1812 Votes against declaration of war, but supports war once it begins unlike New England Federalists
Bayard, James 1814 appointed as only Federalist commissioner to peace talks to end War of 1812
Bayard, James 1815? Declines Madison's offer to be Amb to Russia
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