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Favorable or Unfavorable #38: Thomas F. Bayard


Favorable or Unfavorable #38: Thomas F. Bayard  

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Sen. Thomas F. Bayard (D-DE), the grandson of James Bayard from the other poll, was arguably the 3rd most important Bourbon Democrat in US history after Cleveland and Tilden. 

His actions:

Bayard, Thomas F. 1868 Opposes the 14th Amendment
Bayard, Thomas F. 1868 Opposes Burlingame Treaty because it treats Chinese and Americans as equal races
Bayard, Thomas F. 1869 Becomes a leader among the Gold Democrats faction of the party when opposing Public Credit Act
Bayard, Thomas F. 1870 Opposes the three Enforcement Acts, including the KKK Act
Bayard, Thomas F. 1873 Introduces resolution for Grant to reveal money paid on enforcing Reconstruction (Grant ignores it)
Bayard, Thomas F. 1874 Opposes federal supervision of election in LA
Bayard, Thomas F. 1875 Strongly opposes Civil Rights Act of 1875
Bayard, Thomas F. 1876 Dem cand for pres
Bayard, Thomas F. 1877 Helped convince Tilden to accept Electoral Commission to avert another CW
Bayard, Thomas F. 1880 Dem Pres Candidate, strong 2nd
Bayard, Thomas F. 1884 Dem cand for pres
Bayard, Thomas F. 1885 Confirmed Sec of State for Cleveland
Bayard, Thomas F. 1893 Amb to UK for Cleveland
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