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Favorable or Unfavorable #39: Birch Bayh


Favorable or Unfavorable #39: Birch Bayh  

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Sen. Birch Bayh (IN-D). Significant but becoming obscure. Arguably a top 5 Senator for anyone covering the 1970s.

His son, Evan Bayh, was a Gov and Sen for IN, who lost his seat as the state became a strong Red State. 

Birch Bayh's actions:

Bayh, Birch 1964 Arguably saves Ted Kennedy's life when the two are involved in a plane crash
Bayh, Birch 1965 Proposes, with Celler, what will become the 25th Amendment (ratified 1967), which he authors
Bayh, Birch 1965 Authors section banning gender discrimination in Higher Education Act
Bayh, Birch 1969 Bayh-Ranney chat leads to party quotas
Bayh, Birch 1969 leads fight against the SC nominations of both Haynesworth and Carswell successfully
Bayh, Birch 1971 Authors the 26th Amendment; only non-Founder to have authored two successful Const Amend'ts
Bayh, Birch 1972 Authors the senate version of the Equal Rights Am'dments
Bayh, Birch 1973 grills L. Patrick Gray about Watergate
Bayh, Birch 1973 blocks anti-Supreme Court moves
Bayh, Birch 1974 Authors Juvenile Justice Act
Bayh, Birch 1976 candidate for Demo pres nom
Bayh, Birch 1977 Proposes eliminating the Electoral College
Bayh, Birch 1980 Upsets Ted Kennedy and Kennedy's staff by endorsing Carter over him for pres
Bayh, Birch 1980 One of two sponsors of Bayh-Dole Act
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