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Favorable or Unfavorable #40: John Bell


Favorable or Unfavorable #40: John Bell  

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John Bell of TN is most famous for his 1860 3rd Party run, but in his time, he was Jackson and Polk's home state rival, despite having began as a Jacksonian. 

His actions:

Bell, John 1830 Authored Indian Removal Act
Bell, John 1831 Considered for Sec of War following Petticoat Affair
Bell, John 1834 Elected Speaker of the US House
Bell, John 1835 Comes in second in Speaker election, defeated in reelection for breaking with Pres Jackson over US Bank
Bell, John 1836 Supports HL White for pres over Jackson
Bell, John 1836 anti-Jackson leader in election
Bell, John 1837 Comes in strong second in close Speaker election
Bell, John 1839 Initial close second in Speaker's election on first ballot but drops considerably by ballot 11
Bell, John 1841 appointed Sec of War for Harrison
Bell, John 1841 Resigns from cabinet b/c of Tyler vetoes
Bell, John 1847 Opposes Mexican War
Bell, John 1850 Introduces failed compromise to create two new free and two new slave states
Bell, John 1852 Declines Fillmore's offer of Sec of Navy
Bell, John 1854 Opposes KS-NE Act
Bell, John 1856 Know Nothing cand for pres despite only being reluctantly a membe
Bell, John 1858 One of two Southerners (Crittenden) to vote against KS statehood w/ LeCompton Const
Bell, John 1859 Opposes plan to purchase Cuba from Spain
Bell, John 1859 Opposes Homestead Acts
Bell, John 1860 Const Union nominee for pres
Bell, John 1861 Calls on TN to secede when Lincoln invades, despite believing secession illegal
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