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Favorable or Unfavorable #41: Judah P. Benjamin


Favorable or Unfavorable #41: Judah P. Benjamin  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #41: Judah P. Benjamin

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Sen. Judah P. Benjamin (LA-W/D) was one of many Southern Whigs to join the Democrats. It's sad that the first observant Jew of the US Senate was a traitor and slaver. That said, he was impressive as a Confederate cabinet officer.  

Here are his actions:

Benjamin, Judah P 1853 Declines two offers in the same year to become SC justice, first by Fillmore and later by Pierce.
Benjamin, Judah P 1853 First observant Jewish Senator in US history
Benjamin, Judah P 1854 Becomes a leading spokesperson for the slaveocracy amid KS-NE Acts
Benjamin, Judah P 1856 Joins Democrats when Whigs dissolve, as many Southern Whigs did
Benjamin, Judah P 1856 engineers Buchanan nomination
Benjamin, Judah P 1860 Worked to try and prevent Douglas for Dem nomination
Benjamin, Judah P 1860 Resigns from the US Senate to support secession
Benjamin, Judah P 1861 Joins Confederacy, becoming Attorney General of CSA, and later other cabinet positions
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