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Favorable or Unfavorable #47: Albert J. Beveridge


Favorable or Unfavorable #47: Albert J. Beveridge  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #47: Albert J. Beveridge

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Albert Beveridge (IN-R) is a good example that Progressives during that era aren't necessarily progressives by 21st century standards as you can see from his c. 1901 action. Many progressives during this time ignored the plight of blacks too. Many favored eugenics. Beveridge also is a good example of a Roosevelt Progressive, which is a more nationalist and intervenalist progressivism, as opposed to La Follette progresivism, which was non-interventionist and less nationalistic. Eastern progressives tended to go the Roosevelt route, while Western progressives tended to follow the La Follette route. Ohio and Indiana were kind of caught in the middle.

His actions:

Beveridge, Albert J 1900 promoted P.I. treaty
Beveridge, Albert J 1900 major exponent of patriotism, expansionism
Beveridge, Albert J 1901? Senate Comm on Territories Chair; blocks AZ and NM statehood because too many Hispanics and non-whites
Beveridge, Albert J 1905 sponsors meat inspection bill
Beveridge, Albert J 1905 Seen as an intellectual leader of the Progressive Era about this time
Beveridge, Albert J 1905 speaks out on need to curb trusts
Beveridge, Albert J 1907 Major stand on corporate and labor bills
Beveridge, Albert J 1908 Preferred VP choice by Taft
Beveridge, Albert J 1909 one of Prog action group vs. P/A Tariff
Beveridge, Albert J 1912 Gives keynote speech at Prog Party Conv
Beveridge, Albert J 1916 Becomes noted US historian with publication of book on John Marshall
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