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Favorable or Unfavorable #50: Theodore Bilbo


Favorable or Unfavorable #50: Theodore Bilbo  

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Theodore Bilbo (MS-D) is a pretty awful person. He was economically progressive until the 1940s, when he went fully conservative, as many Southern Dems started to do after the New Deal, which they tended to openly support in the 1930s. Bilbo was also notable for verbal sparring with his fellow MS-D senator, Pat Harrison. It was a class fight. Harrison was upper class and Bilbo wasn't. 

I should elaborate on the 1928 action. The Deep South, outside Southern Louisiana, was very anti-Catholic. Bilbo was a party Democrat, and wanted Al Smith, a Catholic, to win, so he tried to give the Southern voters a person that was less appealing to them. 

Finally, Bilbo was 5'2"

His actions:

Bilbo, Theodore 1927 Criticized the use of the national guard in trying to prevent lynchings
Bilbo, Theodore 1928 Spreads rumor that Hoover socializes with a black woman to convince MS to vote for Catholic Al Smith
Bilbo, Theodore 1930 As Gov of MS enacts first sales tax of any US state
Bilbo, Theodore 1938 Proposes amd't to work-relief bill that would have deported 12 mil black Americans to Liberia
Bilbo, Theodore 1938 Filibustered the Costigan-Wagner antilynching bill
Bilbo, Theodore 1939 Proposes bill to purchase land from European powers in Africa to deport black Americans to Africa
Bilbo, Theodore 1945 urges moves to keep blacks from voting
Bilbo, Theodore 1946 Advises General MacArthur to sterilize the Japanese
Bilbo, Theodore 1946 Publicly reveals that he's a member of the KKK on Meet the Press
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