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Favorable or Unfavorable #53: Jeremiah S. Black


Favorable or Unfavorable #53: Jeremiah S. Black  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #53: Jeremiah S. Black

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Jeremiah Black of PA is one of a few politicians with 5+ actions that never held elected office.

His actions:

Black, Jeremiah S 1857 Confirmed Att Gen for Buchanan
Black, Jeremiah S 1860 Uses his influence to get Stanton appt Att Gen
Black, Jeremiah S 1860 Moved to Sec of State by Buchanan
Black, Jeremiah S 1860 Influential in framing Buchanan's waffling mindset on secession
Black, Jeremiah S 1861 Threatens to resign if Buchanan follows his intention to withdraw troops from Ft Sumter
Black, Jeremiah S 1861 Nominated to the SC, but he's blocked by Congress to allow Lincoln to make an appt.
Black, Jeremiah S 1867 Drafted Johnson's veto message against the Reconstruction Act
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