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Favorable or Unfavorable #54: Harry Blackmun


Favorable or Unfavorable #54: Harry Blackmun  

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Harry Blackmun of MN served as a lower federal judge until he was appointed by Nixon to the SC after his two much more conservative nominees were blocked. It is said that Blackmun was a conservative judge until the Roe case evolved him. Following that, he often used the Roe case as a kind of guide for future cases. So far he's the only former SC justice to play another former SC justice in a movie. 

His actions:

Blackmun, Harry 1970 Confirmed to the SC for Nixon, after the Senate block two previous nominations
Blackmun, Harry 1972 Dissented in the case that abolished the federal death penalty
Blackmun, Harry 1973 Authors majority opinion of Roe v Wade
Blackmun, Harry 1976 Joined majority in opinion that reestablished the federal death penalty
Blackmun, Harry 1986 Dissented in case that upheld Georgia's view that gay sex was illegal sodomy (Bowers v Hardwick)
Blackmun, Harry 1992 Warns that Roe v Wade was in jeapardy in his Planned Parenthood v. Casey opinion
Blackmun, Harry 1994 Resigns from the SC
Blackmun, Harry 1997 Played the role of SC Justice Joseph Story in the film Amistad by Steven Spielberg
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