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Favorable or Unfavorable #57: Francis P Blair Sr


Favorable or Unfavorable #57: Francis P Blair Sr  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #57: Francis P Blair Sr

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FP Blair Sr is the father of the Blair posted earlier. He's impressive for his actions considering he was never elected OR appointed to an office. Strangely, he was a chief advisor for both Andrew Jackson AND Abraham Lincoln! 

His actions:

Blair Sr, Francis P 1825 Breaks w/ admin over agenda
Blair Sr, Francis P 1831 Founds Washington Globe, which becomes primary media instrument of Democrats until 1845
Blair Sr, Francis P 1831 Becomes member of Jackson's Kitchen Cabinet
Blair Sr, Francis P 1832 adviser to Jackson on bank policy
Blair Sr, Francis P 1836 Purchases the now famous Blair House next to the White House
Blair Sr, Francis P 1848 Despite being a Slaveholder, endorses Free Soil Party to prevent spread of slavery
Blair Sr, Francis P 1854 Breaks w/ Dems over KS-NE Acts and helps found GOP
Blair Sr, Francis P 1856 Helps assure Fremont's election as GOP nominee
Blair Sr, Francis P 1860 Backs Bates for GOP nom
Blair Sr, Francis P 1861 Sent by Lincoln to offer command of Union Army to RE Lee
Blair Sr, Francis P 1861 Becomes close advisor to Lincoln
Blair Sr, Francis P 1865 Helps organize Hampton Roads Conference
Blair Sr, Francis P 1866 Becomes ally of Pres Johnson and rejoins the Dems
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Definitely not the best, and oddly enough I was just talking about him a couple of days ago outside the forum. But I'm going to approve overall because I like pro-Union Democrats (mostly), and despite Andrew Jackson's many faults, I think he was overall a good President and clearly distinguished himself from many in his party at the time by being very pro-union. Blair would be even better if he didn't rejoin the Democrats but I think he was just committed to serving his country... who knows though. 

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