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Favorable or Unfavorable #59: Richard P. Bland


Favorable or Unfavorable #59: Richard P. Bland  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #59: Richard P. Bland

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Rep. Richard P Bland (IA-D) has so few actions for someone that was as notable as he was during his time. He was known as "Silver Dick" for his pro-silver advocacy. I think a major reason he has so few actions for such a major figure is that the GOP had near total dominance of action from 1861-1913. Bland is the immediate precursor to WJ Bryan as the anti-establishment Democrat leader. He sort of willingly vacated the spot in the 1896 election. While he was the original frontrunner, he didn't really fight for the win. He died in 1899, so he might have just realized he didn't have the energy to be president and was happy someone similar to him won the nomination over an establishment Bourbon Democrat.

His actions:

Bland, Richard P. 1877 sponsors Bland-Allison Silver Purchase Act
Bland, Richard P. 1894 author of silver coinage bill
Bland, Richard P 1894 A leader in the new Democratic Party under populist majority
Bland, Richard P 1896 Original frontrunner for Dem nomination and strong VP cand
Bland, Richard P 1898 A leading anti-imperialist during the time of the Spanish-American War
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