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Favorable or Unfavorable #61: William Blount


Favorable or Unfavorable #61: William Blount  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #61: William Blount

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Not captured here is that William Blount is one of the more obscure Founding Fathers as a delegate for NC. The actions start with the 1788 presidential election, so Founders like him will see some potential actions cut out. 

Blount's conspiracy was different than Burr's conspiracy. Burr's supposed conspiracy was supposedly the creation of a new nation, while Blount's was more about taking land to sell it. Blount was in heavy debt because of years of unwise land speculation. So many of the early politicians were into land speculation. 

His actions:

Blount, William 1790 Appt Gov of SW Territory by Washington
Blount, William 1796 Plays major role in getting TN statehood
Blount, William 1796 One of 1st TN Senators, despite having been NC politician
Blount, William 1796 Madison-Blount resolution regarding treaty powers
Blount, William 1797 expelled; conspiracy to invade Spanish Louisiana
Blount, William 1797 Faces first federal impeachment trial for his conspiracy, but impeachment does not convict him
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