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Favorable or Unfavorable #63: Lauren Boebert


Favorable or Unfavorable #63: Lauren Boebert  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #63: Lauren Boebert

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Lauren Boebert of CO gets a lot of actions because wingnuts tend to draw attention to themselves and a lot of actions are geared toward outlier behavior. I'm sort of expecting her to be defeated for reelection, so her actions could end soon. One thing that isn't captured in the actions, but that I think is telling, is that she has introduced something like 22 bills in her career and not a single one of them has gone through committee, which means she's sort of just wasting everyone's time.

More recently, she was thrown out of a theatre for inappropriately touching her date in public, vaping in the theatre, taking flash photography photos, and talking during the show. She was thrown out after multiple complaints. Some of this could be overlooked if it were a rock concert, but she's both a US Rep and this was Beetlejuice with a lot of children in attendance. She was caught on tape, and denied much of this until the tape was released publicly. This isn't an action captured below, but it sort of captures a general "Family Values" hypocrisy that she routinely shows. It is possible that this leads to an action in the coming weeks if brought up in Congress for a censure or something. 

Her actions:

Boebert, Lauren 2020 Publicly supports far-right groups QAnon and Proud Boys on various video, but later denies support
Boebert, Lauren 2021 A led propigator of election fraud allegations in 2020 pres election; supportive of Jan 6th insurrection
Boebert, Lauren 2021 Votes against giving the Congressional Gold Medal to officers who defended the capital on Jan 6th
Boebert, Lauren 2021 Tweets support for the Clinton body county conspiracy theory propigated by QAnon
Boebert, Lauren 2021 Announces articles of impeachment for Biden over Afghanistan
Boebert, Lauren 2021 Introduces resolution to impeach VP Harris
Boebert, Lauren 2022 cosponsors bill to criminalize sex reassignment surgery
Boebert, Lauren 2022 cosponsors bill to prohibit federal funding from institutions that promote LGBT+ issues
Boebert, Lauren 2023 Votes for resolution calling on Biden to pull troops from Syria
Boebert, Lauren 2023 One of 20 far-right Republicans to vote against McCarthy as Speaker
Boebert, Lauren 2023 Attempts to force house into vote on impeaching Biden
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