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Favorable or Unfavorable #66: John Bolton


Favorable or Unfavorable #66: John Bolton  

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John Bolton is a rare unelected politicians with both a lot of rhetorical actions and relatively significant coverage for presidential candidacy speculation. 

His actions:

Bolton, John 2002 Gives speech in attempt to loop in Cuba, Libya, and Syria into 'Axis of Evil" with Iran, Iraq, and North Korea
Bolton, John 2002 Gives speech arguing that Cuba has biological weapons
Bolton, John 2003 Plays role in laying the groundwork for rationale of going to war in Iraq
Bolton, John 2005 Appt Amb to UN for Bush as recess appt
Bolton, John 2006 Resigns as Amb to UN when confirmation seems unlikely (was recess appt)
Bolton, John 2012 Declines to run for Pres; candidate Gingrich states Bolton is top choice for his Sec of State
Bolton, John 2017 Considered by Trump for Sec of State, but it is said Trump was put off by his mustache
Bolton, John 2018 Replaces McMaster as Nat Sec Advisor for Trump
Bolton, John 2018 Role in termination of Iran Nuclear Deal
Bolton, John 2018 Pushes for regime change in Iran
Bolton, John 2019 Removed over strong disagreements on foreign policy w/ Trump
Bolton, John 2022 Admits in interview to having planned several coup d'etats in foreign nations
Bolton, John 2024 Expresses interest in running for pres but declines to do so
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