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Favorable or Unfavorable #70: William Borah


Favorable or Unfavorable #70: William Borah  

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Sen. William Borah (ID-R) is one of the weirdest Progressives because he has strains of conservatism not found in most of the non-Southern progressives during the time. His progressivism is more like LaFollette's than Teddy Roosevelt's in general. 

Borah managed to be both an outlier and a major Senate leader. Our closest analogy would be Bernie Sanders--someone who doesn't quite fit in, but gets chairman positions for major committees. Sanders had to run for president and do well in the primaries to get those spots though. 

Borah is the most significant political figure in Idaho history.

Borah's actions:

Borah, William 1907 Defends Roosevelt in the Brownsville Affair, which saw over 200 black soldiers dismissed
Borah, William 1909 helps add income tax to tariff bill
Borah, William 1909? Repackages Income Tax bill as 16th Amendment
Borah, William 1912 Supports Roosevelt over Taft at Convention, but refuses to bolt from GOP; endorses neither Taft nor TR
Borah, William 1912 Declines offer to be VP to add Progressive to the ticket
Borah, William 1913 Role in the 17th Amendment
Borah, William 1913 Opposes Federal Reserve Act
Borah, William 1914 Opposes Panama Canal and Wilson's Latin American policies as imperialist
Borah, William 1914 Opposes Women's Suffrage Amd't, believing it should be left to the states
Borah, William 1916 Declines to run for pres, and backs Hughes
Borah, William 1917 Surprises some by supporting Declaration of War
Borah, William 1917 opposes Espionage Act
Borah, William 1917 emerges as anti-League spokesman
Borah, William 1918 Helps sink Women's Suffrage Amendment; he would vote no again when it passes
Borah, William 1918 opposes Sedition Act
Borah, William 1919 a leading"irreconcilable" opposed to League of Nations
Borah, William 1920 accuses Wood and Lowden of buying GOP nom; favor Hiram Johnson for pres
Borah, William 1920 Borah Reso regarding naval conf with UK & Japan
Borah, William 1921 Votes against Taft on the SC because of his age
Borah, William 1921 backs recognition of USSR
Borah, William 1922 opposes Dyer anti-lynching bill (and again in 1923)
Borah, William 1923 a leading reformer
Borah, William 1924 Offered VP spot by Coolidge, upsetting Coolidge's cabinet, but he refuses to their relief
Borah, William 1924 Influential Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair. Served during dearmament
Borah, William 1925 leads opposition to Coolidge's AG nom Warren
Borah, William 1925 chief progressive opponent to Coolidge
Borah, William 1927 rages against U.S. Nicaragua policy
Borah, William 1927 carries resolution to settle disputes with Mexico
Borah, William 1927 takes up cause of outlawing war
Borah, William 1928 a leader of GOP isolationist wing
Borah, William 1928 helps to induce Kellogg-Briand Pact
Borah, William 1928 Plans to seek GOP nom if Convention is deadlocked; had backed Frank Willis who died before conv
Borah, William 1929 gets Hoover to call special sess on ag policy
Borah, William 1929 presses pro-agriculture tariff policy
Borah, William 1930 Crosses the aisle to oppose Smoot-Hawley Tariff
Borah, William 1930 Leads opp to Hughes as ChJ
Borah, William 1932 Considers challenging Hoover for GOP nom
Borah, William 1932 Criticizes GOP's vague stance on prohibition (Borah was pro-prohibition)
Borah, William 1933 Generally supports FDR's New Deal
Borah, William 1933 helps kill FDR's pro-League embargo plan
Borah, William 1933 worried about monopoly potential of NRA
Borah, William 1934 helps filibuster against anti-lynching bill
Borah, William 1935 helps block U.S. membership to World Court
Borah, William 1935 helps draft Neutrality Act
Borah, William 1935 spurs Potato Control Act
Borah, William 1936 Outperforms Landon in the GOP primaries but loses GOP nom for pres to Landon at Convention
Borah, William 1936 refuses to endorse Landon for president after Convention
Borah, William 1937 prods Justice Van Devanter to retire from SC
Borah, William 1938 Latecomer in condemning Nazi Germany in persecuting Jewish people
Borah, William 1939 against FDR on cash-and-carry policy
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