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Favorable or Unfavorable #71: David Boren


Favorable or Unfavorable #71: David Boren  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #71: David Boren

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David Boren (OK-D) was the last Dem Senator for OK and one of the last conservative Democrats (Manchin is a centrist--not conservative). 

His actions:

Boren, David 1980 Opposes Windfall Profit Tax
Boren, David 1987 One of only two dems to vote for Bork's SC nom
Boren, David 1991 votes against Gulf War
Boren, David 1992 Boren-McCurdy proposals propose a National Intelligence Director (both fail)
Boren, David 1992 Publicly regrets voting for Clarence Thomas nomination, upsetting voters in OK
Boren, David 1993 Presents alternative to Omnibus Budget Act
Boren, David 1993 Killed Clinton's BTU tax (energy tax)
Boren, David 1994 Considered for Sec of Def by Clinton
Boren, David 1996 Declines Perot's VP nom offer
Boren, David 2007 Rumored 3rd Party ticket w/ Bloomberg, but endorses Obama in '08
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