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Favorable or Unfavorable #78: Joseph P Bradley


Favorable or Unfavorable #78: Joseph P Bradley  

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SC Justice Joseph P Bradley of NJ served for about 22 years on the course.

His 1873 actions needs some explaining. He didn't support those massacring blacks, he believed that they were charged and imprisoned under a law that was unconstitutional. This is an example in which legalistic thought sides with unjust actions. Justice would have seen these militants punished, but through justice (laws) were they legally absolved from murder because their punishment was applied illegally. They couldn't be retried and repunished, apparently. 

This 1873 actions helped lead to an 1875 case in which the majority opinion helped protect and bolster Southern white paramilitary groups. Bradley was one of the 4 justices (5-4 decision) that dissented in this case, even though his 1873 actions, on paper, reads as if he would have supported these groups. Had he not intervened in 1873, this case likely would not have happened, and you likely wouldn't have seen a massive spike in lynchings and massacres, etc of black people and their allies. 

The 1883 cases listed below protected the right for individuals to racially discriminated by arguing that Congress hadn't the power to protect blacks in this regard. 

His actions:

Bradley, Joseph P 1870 Confirmed to SC for Grant to take seat created by Judiciary Act
Bradley, Joseph P 1873 Intervened to free those white paramilitants charged in the Colfax Massacre
Bradley, Joseph P 1876 Member of electoral commission to decide disputed 1876 pres election
Bradley, Joseph P 1883 Authored majority opinions in the Civil Rights cases
Bradley, Joseph P 1892 Dies in office
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