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Favorable or Unfavorable #79: William O. Bradley


Favorable or Unfavorable #79: William O. Bradley  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #79: William O. Bradley

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William O. Bradley of KY might be the most influential GOP politician from that state during his time. It tended to be Democrat. He's also unusual in being a generally pro-black Southerner. Stalwarts tended to be more pro-black than other factions of the Gilded Age GOP. However, not captured below, is that Bradley supported Taft's decision to not appoint blacks to patronage positions in their homestates. The idea was to diffuse Southern opposition to the GOP, but it was also discriminatory and weakened the little political influence of blacks. 

His actions:

Bradley, William O 1878 Declined party nom for US Sen for KY
Bradley, William O 1880 Stalwart seconding Grant's nomination for 3rd term
Bradley, William O 1882 Declined party nom for US Sen for KY again
Bradley, William O 1884 Defeats motion at GOP Conv to curtail Southern representation
Bradley, William O 1888 Strong VP cand and Pres Cand for Pres at GOP conv
Bradley, William O 1895 1st GOP Gov of KY
Bradley, William O 1896 Pres cand at GOP conv
Bradley, William O 1897 Uses influence to help pass anti-lynching laws in KY
Bradley, William O 1908 Supports Fairbanks over Taft for GOP nom
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