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Favorable or Unfavorable #80: Louis Brandeis


Favorable or Unfavorable #80: Louis Brandeis  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #80: Louis Brandeis

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Louis Brandeis is one of the most notable SC Justices in US history and has a philosopher in progressive thought. He hasn't too many judicial actions because he seemed to have generally sided with the majority on key cases. Despite being a progressive, he tended to uphold segregation and defended government censorship in WWI. His progressivism had more to do with preventing corporations from being too powerful and right to privacy laws. Prior to becoming a Wilson Democrat, he was a La Follette Republican. I think Roosevelt hijacking Republican progressivism from La Follette helped lead to him switching parties. 

His actions:

Brandeis, Louis 1890 Writes an article developing the theory of Right to Privacy
Brandeis, Louis 1908 Introduces the first Brandeis brief, a pioneering legal brief
Brandeis, Louis 1912 switches party allegiance from GOP to Dem as he saw Wilson tougher on trusts than TR and Taft
Brandeis, Louis 1912 Joins the Federation of American Zionists
Brandeis, Louis 1913 Gains recognition for trustbusting JP Morgan over the course of several years
Brandeis, Louis 1913 Helped shape the Federal Reserve Act
Brandeis, Louis 1916 Confirmed to SC for Wilson after a battle; first Jewish SC Justice
Brandeis, Louis 1928 notable dissention in right to privacy case (Olmstead v. US)
Brandeis, Louis 1937 Opposes FDR's court-packing scheme
Brandeis, Louis 1938? Advocates for a Jewish homeland in Palestine
Brandeis, Louis 1939 Retires from the SC
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