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Favorable or Unfavorable #83: William Brennan Jr


Favorable or Unfavorable #83: William Brennan Jr  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #83: William Brennan Jr

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Justice Brennan of NY served for like 34 years on the court. Scalia thought he was possibly the most influential 20th century justice, although he hasn't that many actions. Much of this is because his opinions were either in the majority or obvious given his ideology or both. He was more of a behind the scenes influence, supposedly. He first becomes really vocal, unusual for justices, in 1972 with the death penalty, but he doesn't become a full-on activist until 1985 because the consevative majority (Rhenquist Court) had mentioned plans to role back Warren Court decisions. He sort of foreshadows Ginsberg as a liberal activist justice, although Justice William O. Douglas had also been routinely vocal. 

His actions:

Brennan Jr, WIlliam 1956 Confirmed to the SC for Eisenhower, a liberal Dem to gain voters for pres's reelection
Brennan Jr, WIlliam 1972 Authors maj opinion in Eisenstadt v Baird, legalizing birth control for unmarried people
Brennan Jr, WIlliam 1972 Shown to be a staunch opponent of the death penalty in case that abolishes Fed Death Penalty
Brennan Jr, WIlliam 1985? w/ Conservative Court begins to become more publicly vocal on issues, opposing homophobia, for instance
Brennan Jr, WIlliam 1990 Resigns from the SC
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