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Favorable or Unfavorable #84: David J. Brewer


Favorable or Unfavorable #84: David J. Brewer  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #84: David J. Brewer

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Justice David J Brewer (KS-R) was a states rights Republican, foreshadowing the contemporary GOP. He, like most of his era's court, tended to vote against blacks in SC decisions, although he broke with many in defending the rights of Chinese immigrants. He missed the famous Plessy v Ferguson segregation case because he was away. He was somewhat critical of US Imperialism as was common of politicians from middle America. 

His actions:

Brewer, David J 1889 Confirmed to SC for Harrison
Brewer, David J 1892 States that the US is "a Christian Nation" in Church of the Holy Trinity v. US
Brewer, David J 1901 Argues US Constitution applies to all it's territories, including annexed terrritory
Brewer, David J 1905? begins to decry Roosevelt's progressive reforms, causing rift w/ TR
Brewer, David J 1906 Opines that the Fed Gov has no authority to prevent whites from driving blacks away from their jobs
Brewer, David J 1910 Dies in office
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