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Favorable or Unfavorable #85: Stephen Breyer


Favorable or Unfavorable #85: Stephen Breyer  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #85: Stephen Breyer

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Stephen Breyer of CA is up next. I think he followed what I think is the most reasonable route to the SC. He was a Chief Justice of a lower federal court and then elevated to the SC. This should be the norm, I think. 

His actions:

Breyer, Stephen 1990 Made Chief Justice of US Court of Appeals, 1st Circuit by Bush
Breyer, Stephen 1993 Considered for SC vacancy that ultimately goes to Ginsberg
Breyer, Stephen 1994 Confirmed to the SC for Clinton
Breyer, Stephen 2004 Dissent in case arguing that partisan gerrymandering is a justiciable claim
Breyer, Stephen 2005 Argues judiciary should seek to resolve issues that encourages popular participation in government decisions
Breyer, Stephen 2010 States in interview that Founding Fathers never intended guns to go unregulated
Breyer, Stephen 2015 Breaks law that bars justices from hearing case when spouse has financial interest (he ruled against her interest)
Breyer, Stephen 2015 Questions constitutionality of Federal Death Penalty in a dissent
Breyer, Stephen 2022 Resigns from the SC to make room for a younger liberal justice
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