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Favorable or Unfavorable #87: Styles Bridges


Favorable or Unfavorable #87: Styles Bridges  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #87: Styles Bridges

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Styles Bridges (R-NH) was a member of the conservative, strongly anti-communist bloc of the GOP. I'm surprised he hasn't more actions, and he may get more. He had a few almost actions, but I couldn't decrease the date range to add them. He was strongly opposed to alot of FDR's policies and also went after Socialist and Communist organizations, including those he assumed were allied, much in the same way McCarthy did. In the 1946 action, he actually abstains from voting on the decision regarding Sen. Bilbo. I think it had to do with his States Rights views. While he possibly opposed what Bilbo did, I think he probably felt it would be worse to do something about it. This conflict is also seen in his 1957 action. I think he supported Civil Rights, but he didn't want to encourage federal authority over it. I'm personally not quite sure how they think that resolves issues in states that encourage violence and discimination, since the states certainly have no incentive to change. Anyway. 

His actions:

Bridges, Styles 1936 Rising star as Gov of NH; considered for VP by Landon
Bridges, Styles 1940 Rep pres cand and then VP possibility
Bridges, Styles 1946 Investigated violent voter suppression against blacks encouraged by MS Sen Bilbo
Bridges, Styles 1950 backs McCarthy's anti-Communist campaign
Bridges, Styles 1952 Sen Min Ldr
Bridges, Styles 1954 Participated, with McCarthy, with blackmail scheme that led to Sen. Lester Hunt's suicide
Bridges, Styles 1954 One of a few to vote against censure of Joseph McCarthy for McCarthyism
Bridges, Styles 1957 Votes present on the Civil Rights Act of 1857
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