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Favorable or Unfavorable #88: Jesse D Bright


Favorable or Unfavorable #88: Jesse D Bright  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #88: Jesse D Bright

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JD Bright (IN-D) was the last US Sen ever expelled from the Senate and the only Northern expulsion during the CW. He tried to reclaim his seat in 1863, but his state wanted to have nothing to do with it. He moved to KY and became a state rep in 1867 there, but did nothing of importance.

His actions:

Bright, Jesse D 1848 moves to extend MO Comp line to Pacific
Bright, Jesse D 1853 Next in line for Pres w/ death of VP King
Bright, Jesse D 1856 engineers Buchanan nom for pres
Bright, Jesse D 1857 Offered Sec of State but declines; remains as Buchanan's favored Northern Dem
Bright, Jesse D 1860 Becomes Sen Pres Pro Tempore for a 3rd time in his career
Bright, Jesse D 1862 Publicly acknowledges Jefferson Davis as president the Confederacy
Bright, Jesse D 1862 Expelled from US Senate for Confederate sympathies and facilitating arms trade with CSA
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