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Favorable or Unfavorable #89: Benjamin Bristow


Favorable or Unfavorable #89: Benjamin Bristow  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #89: Benjamin Bristow

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Benjamin Bristow (KY-R) was brought in to root out corruption and was so efficient a reformist that he almost wrecked the legacy of Grant's administration. Grant had to defend his personal secretary. Grant complelled Bristow to retire. He was the reformist's choice for president in 1876, but Grant and the Stalwarts feared what a President Bristow might do. He was 2nd place in the balloting at one point. Bristow personally had nothing against Grant, he felt he was just doing his job, but the coalition against him at the convention caused him to retire from politics. 

His actions:

Bristow, Benjamin 1870 Becomes first US Solicitor General in US history, appt by Grant
Bristow, Benjamin 1870 Major role in prosecuting the KKK
Bristow, Benjamin 1871 Fails to get Grant to fire Ackerman as Att Gen
Bristow, Benjamin 1871 Give speech in homestate KY calling for state to tax whites to pay for the education of blacks
Bristow, Benjamin 1874 Confirmed Sec of Treasury by Grant, both supporting a return to the Gold Standard
Bristow, Benjamin 1874 Fails to get Grant to fire Robeson as Sec of Navy
Bristow, Benjamin 1875 Plays major role in getting Grant to fire Williams as Att Gen
Bristow, Benjamin 1875 Demands Grant fires Delano amid scandals, but Grant refuses, until threat of resignation
Bristow, Benjamin 1875 Breaks up and prosecutes Whiskey Ring, which was deemed impregnable
Bristow, Benjamin 1875 Ties Grant's personal secretary to the Whiskey Ring
Bristow, Benjamin 1876 Resigns due to rift w/ Grant--thought Bristow's prosecutions were harming admin reputation
Bristow, Benjamin 1876 Rep pres cand, but Grant strongly works against him
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