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Favorable or Unfavorable #90: Edward Brooke


Favorable or Unfavorable #90: Edward Brooke  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #90: Edward Brooke

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Sen. Edward Brooke (MA-R) really shows the growing divide in the GOP. His actions seem much more like that of a Democrat, although he was really a Rockefeller Republican. He opposed three Nixon SC appt's, but he accepted the rest and those of Ford. Nixon seemed to really want Brooke on his side, but Brooke seemed to have little interest in getting closer to Nixon. It might have to deal with the Southern Strategy, which helped convert the party from the party of Lincoln to the party of Reagan. Brooke could be said to be the last Lincoln Republican, arguably. His 2008 action wouldn't be an action except that it is significant that the 1st popularly elected black US Senator crosses party lines to support a Democrat who happens to become the 1st black US President. 

His actions:

Brooke, Edward 1962 1st black politician to become Att Gen of a state
Brooke, Edward 1967 1st black politician ever elected US Senator by popular vote
Brooke, Edward 1968 Co-authors Civil Rights Act of 1968 (Fair Housing Act)
Brooke, Edward 1968 Nixon critic, supporting Romney and Rockefeller
Brooke, Edward 1969 Brooke Amendm't caps out-of-pocket expenses of public housing
Brooke, Edward 1969 Opposes Nixon SC nominee Haynesworth
Brooke, Edward 1970 Opposes Nixon SC nominee Carswell
Brooke, Edward 1971 Opposes Nixon SC nominee Rehnquist
Brooke, Edward 1973 Declines Nixon's offer for cabinet spot or Amb to UN
Brooke, Edward 1973 Considered for VP after Agnew resigns
Brooke, Edward 1973 First GOP congress person to call on Nixon to resign
Brooke, Edward 1974 Major role in Equal Credit Opportunity Act
Brooke, Edward 1978 Loses reelection, likely because of scandal (made false statements on finances during divorce)
Brooke, Edward 2008 Supports Obama over McCain
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