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Favorable or Unfavorable #93: Benjamin Gratz Brown


Favorable or Unfavorable #93: Benjamin Gratz Brown  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #93: Benjamin Gratz Brown

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Benjamin Gratz Brown of MO is best down as being the VP nominee for the Lib Rep Party. He would have been a much better nominee for the top of the ticket than Horace Greeley, but Greeley had national name recognition. It would be like if a media person of the name recognition of Ted Turner or Rupert Murdoch ran for president. Brown, while more politically skilled, would have probably performed worse in a matchup against Grant. 

His actions:

Brown, Benjamin Gratz 1857 Failed bid for Gov of MO, while leading that state's anti-slavery movement
Brown, Benjamin Gratz 1861 Major player in preventing MO from seceding officially; joins Union Army as officer
Brown, Benjamin Gratz 1863 Opposes Emancipation Proclamation as too weak
Brown, Benjamin Gratz 1864 Helped the effort to have Fremont run against Lincoln
Brown, Benjamin Gratz 1867 introduces 8-hour-day bill for federal workers
Brown, Benjamin Gratz 1872 Lib Rep pres candidate and ultimately the VP nominee
Brown, Benjamin Gratz 1873 Joins Democrats once the Lib Rep Party disintegrates
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