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Favorable or Unfavorable #96: Jerry Brown


Favorable or Unfavorable #96: Jerry Brown  

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Gov. Jerry Brown (CA-D) is one of the stranger politicians. He started off as a fiscally conservative, pro-environmental governor. Even conservatives noted that he was more fiscally conservative than Ronald Reagan was as Gov of CA! He didn't become a pure liberal until after 1992. 

I apparently met him 1992, might have shook his hand. I was a kid and didn't know who he was, but my dad went to the SMU student center (two blocks away from home) to hear him speak. I have a vague memory of me and my dad approaching him. He said something short to me and possibly shook my hand. I was more interested in going to the arcade in the student center (which I went to almost daily). I do remember that there were barely any people there, and I don't remember a speech. My dad might have missed it or he showed up early or few people attended it. Whatever happened, I was soon in the arcade. This would have been 8 years before I even casually kept up with politics outside of Saturday Night Live, and 10 years before I routinely followed politics. 

His actions:

Brown, Jerry 1976 Dem pres cand, despite having only recently become Gov of CA
Brown, Jerry 1979 Appts 1st openly gay judge in US history, while as Gov of CA
Brown, Jerry 1980 Dem pres cand to challenge incumbent Carter
Brown, Jerry 1981 Appts 1st openly lesbian judge in US history, while as Gov of CA
Brown, Jerry 1982 Declined to run for 3rd term as Gov to run for US Sen (lost)
Brown, Jerry 1992 Dem pres cand
Brown, Jerry 1992 1st politician to criticize Clinton for Whitewater Controversy
Brown, Jerry 2011 2nd stint as Gov of CA 28 years later
Brown, Jerry 2019 Concludes 2nd two-terms Gov of CA, totally 16 years
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