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Favorable or Unfavorable #98: Sherrod Brown


Favorable or Unfavorable #98: Sherrod Brown  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #98: Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown (OH-D) is one of the few popular Dems left in Ohio. He's able to maintain support there because he has a strain of populism in his progressivism. His opposition to NAFTA is an example of this as it is believed it's helped hurt manufacturing in OH, once a manufacturing powerhouse. 

His actions:

Brown, Sherrod 1996 One of only 96 US Reps to vote against the Defense of Marriage Act
Brown, Sherrod 2001 Votes against the Patriot Act, one of only 67 Reps
Brown, Sherrod 2002 A leader in consistent opposition to the Iraq War, starting w/ opposing the resolution for war
Brown, Sherrod 2012 Co-sponsors resolution opposed to any future containment policy regarding Iran nuclear threat
Brown, Sherrod 2014 Introduces Gold Star Fathers Act
Brown, Sherrod 2016 Participated in a filibuster for gun control, following Orlando nightclub shooting
Brown, Sherrod 2016 Considered Clinton's top choice for VP, but would have cost Dems a Senate seat w/ GOP Gov of OH
Brown, Sherrod 2017 Breaks w/ party by opposing NAFTA
Brown, Sherrod 2018 One of 18 to urge the US to slap sanctions on China for human rights violations against Muslim minority
Brown, Sherrod 2018 Argues that the GOP stole the 2018 Georgia Gov election (when Kemp def. Abrams)
Brown, Sherrod 2019 Backs out of Pres run after initially exploring a run
Brown, Sherrod 2021 Cosponsors Medicare for All Act
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