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Favorable or Unfavorable #99: Herbert Brownell


Favorable or Unfavorable #99: Herbert Brownell  

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Herbert Brownell (NY-R) had a lot of potential for rising up, but his leadership on Civil Rights handicapped his political future. 

Let me elaborate on the Korean War action. Both he and Eisenhower feared that if McCarthyites learned of USSR involvement in the Korean War, that they'd exploit the information to force the US into a full scale war w/ both Korea and Russia--basically a WWIII.

His actions:

Brownell, Herbert 1952 Seen as influential in getting Eisenhower to run for president and for getting Nixon as VP on ticket
Brownell, Herbert 1953 Confirmed Att Gen for Eisenhower
Brownell, Herbert 1953 Covered up USSR involvement in Korean War to prevent US support for full scale war
Brownell, Herbert 1954 Involved in Brown v. Board of Education that overturned segregation in schools
Brownell, Herbert 1957 Drafted early version of Civil Rights Act of 1957, which would be watered down in Congress
Brownell, Herbert 1957 Crucial in desegregation in Arkansas schools
Brownell, Herbert 1957 Considered for SC vacancy, but Eisenhower thought the South would block his nomination
Brownell, Herbert 1969 Considered for Ch J of the SC by Nixon, but Brownell withdrew himself from consideration
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13 hours ago, vcczar said:

@ConservativeElector2 I'm curious why you're unfavorable to him? I assume it's got to do with the Korean War action, but does that one action cancel out all of his other actions? 

Yeah, that's right. This action sounds pretty treasonous to me. I wouldn't have trusted him afterwards. 

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26 minutes ago, vcczar said:

Eisenhower and probably other parts of the cabinet were in on it too. Are they treasonous too? 

If that's true, yes! The USSR was America's archenemy of that time. I believe they should have been way more aggressive at that time. The good thing is the USSR eventually collapsed.
Had the US not been that soft on China and NK at this stage too, the world could have been freed from these dangerous nations even before they were able to acquire what makes them so dangerous today. That's also something I count against the Eisenhower administration, although I like Eisenhower very much as a person. At least aside, if true, his involvement in the aforementioned treasonous activities.
China's also the reason I am not that fond of Nixon although he was a Republican. Sure I prefer him compared to McGovern or Humphrey, but Republicans and Democrats alike did a lot of foreign policy mistakes back then and also today of course.

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9 minutes ago, ConservativeElector2 said:

but Republicans and Democrats alike did a lot of foreign policy mistakes back then and also today of course.

Let's not forget Vietnam btw. South Vietnam would have not had to fall into Communist hands, if they had a executed their war plans better.

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