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Favorable or Unfavorable #104: James Buckley


Favorable or Unfavorable #104: James Buckley  

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James Buckley of NY was a member of the Conservative Party of NY, which opposed Democrats and the NY Republican Party (led by Rockefeller). He was also the brother of William F Buckley Jr, the spokesperson of American Conservatism before Reagan. 

The Draft Buckley Movement was planned by Jesse Helms, one of the fathers of the Religious Right (if not the father), because Reagan announced he would pick liberal GOPer Richard Schweiker for VP if he defeated Ford at the Convention. Reagan did this because he was being labeled as a conservative extremists and wanted to win the convention. However, he upset his most conservative supporters at the Convention. The movement never took off as it didn't receive a single delegate, but it was probably planned in the event that Ford or Reagan didn't win on the 1st ballot. 

His actions:

Buckley, James 1971 US Sen as member of the Conservative Party of NY
Buckley, James 1972 Votes against Equal Rights Amendment (one of only 8 senators)
Buckley, James 1974 calls on Nixon to resign
Buckley, James 1974 Introduces Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
Buckley, James 1974 Proposes Human Life Amendment
Buckley, James 1976 Switches to GOP for reelection bid but loses
Buckley, James 1976 Draft Buckley Movement is planned at Convention when Reagan hints at a liberal VP
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