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Favorable or Unfavorable #106: Warren Burger


Favorable or Unfavorable #106: Warren Burger  

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Chief Justice Warren Burger of MN served in the lower courts before his elevation. While a conservative, he did support Roe v. Wade. Burger is known as one of the few Chief Justices (if not the only Chief Justice) to not really be a legal intellectual/scholar, but he did know the judicial institution thoroughly. There's some things I can't really place in the timeline. There are other instances in which he tries to compel justices to use aggressive language towards homosexuality. I'm also wondering how he reacted to Sandra Day O'Connor's appointment, considering his resignation threat in 1971. 

Regarding his 1970 action, Nixon feared his intervention into Cambodia could go so wrong that he'd have to decline running for a 2nd term. In that event, he thought Burger would be the best bet for the GOP. 

His actions:

Burger, Warren 1952 Said to have been crucial to swinging MN for Eisenhower (over Stassen) at 1952 Conv
Burger, Warren 1969 Confirmed ChJ of the SC for Nixon
Burger, Warren 1970 Urged by Nixon to run for pres in 1972 in unlikely event Nixon needs to drop out of the race
Burger, Warren 1971 Opposed to women on the SC, convinces Nixon not to nominate Mildred Lillie or he'd resign as Chief Justice
Burger, Warren 1973 Swears in Nixon for 2nd term
Burger, Warren 1973 Considered for VP after Agnew resigns
Burger, Warren 1973 Presided during historic Roe v Wade case, siding with the majority
Burger, Warren 1974 Wrote unanimous court opinion for US v. Nixon
Burger, Warren 1974 Swears in Ford after Nixon resigns
Burger, Warren 1977 Swears in Carter
Burger, Warren 1981 Swears in Reagan
Burger, Warren 1985 Swears in Reagan for 2nd term
Burger, Warren 1986 Urges Justice White to condemn homosexuality in his Bowers v. Harwick opinion
Burger, Warren 1986 Resigns as ChJ of the SC
Burger, Warren 1991 In interview, states that 2nd Amendment doesn't guarantee the right to own unlimited guns
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One of the most spiteful and unprofessional Chief Justices on the Court in my opinion. He would side with dissents if he didnt like where most of the other Justices were leaning in a case. He would also try to force other Justices to his cause or “punish” them in some way. 

Rehnquist was much better. Many Justices did not like working with Burger, they loved Rehnquist.

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4 hours ago, ConservativeElector2 said:

In my opinion Rehnquist was the best Chief Justice the US ever had hands down.

Interesting way to spell Earl Warren

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