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Favorable or Unfavorable #108: Albert S. Burleson


Favorable or Unfavorable #108: Albert S. Burleson  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #108: Albert S. Burleson

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Albert S Burleson (TX-D) was born and died in San Marcos, TX, where I lived for a few years. Sadly, there's buildings there named after him and such. LBJ also lived here for college, despite some overt racism. There's a statue of LBJ that I saw unveiled. I imagine San Marcos had a lot of racists 100 years ago. When I lived there it was mostly bohemians, hippies, academics, libertarians, musicians, and people with almost negative ambition.

His actions:

Burleson, Albert S 1912 Plays major role in securing TX for Wilson at Dem Conv
Burleson, Albert S 1913 appointed Postmaster General by Wilson
Burleson, Albert S 1913 Segregates the US Postal Service and fires many blacks in the South
Burleson, Albert S 1917 Crucial role in executing Espionage Act, censoring anti-war material in mail during WWI
Burleson, Albert S 1932 Supports Al Smith over FDR; opposes KKK who attack Smith for Catholicism
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