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Favorable or Unfavorable #109: Aaron Burr


Favorable or Unfavorable #109: Aaron Burr  

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Aaron Burr of NY. Not stated below is his early advocacy for abolitionism. While he has a well-deserved reputation of being devious, he is reported as being impartial and judicial as VP, when presiding over the US Senate. By 1804, he's showing up to occasional Federalist gatherings, confusing everyone. I think this has to do with gathering data for the Essex Junto plot, but he may also know the Federalists are on the decline, so he's hoping to pick up the pieces as a moderate Jeffersonian. I HIGHLY recommend Burr by Gore Vidal. Best historical fiction ever. 

His actions:

Burr, Aaron 1791 Defeats Fed US Sen Schuyler, weakening Hamilton's influence in the state
Burr, Aaron 1792 figures as possible VP
Burr, Aaron 1795 Introduces resolution to renegotiate Jay Treaty
Burr, Aaron 1796 candidate for VP
Burr, Aaron 1798 His request to be a Brig Gen for the Quasi-War is rejected by Adams
Burr, Aaron 1800? Converts Tammany Hall from a social club to a political machine
Burr, Aaron 1800 VP nominee, but ties Jefferson and doesn't drop out; House makes Burr VP after battle
Burr, Aaron 1801 Shut out of Jefferson's inner circle for 1800 Election alleged shenanigans
Burr, Aaron 1804 Looped into plot to secede NY w/ New England in the event Burr becomes Gov.
Burr, Aaron 1804 Opts to run for Gov rather than seek another term as VP (loses w/ Hamilton's intervention)
Burr, Aaron 1804 Presides during Impeachment Trial of Justice Samuel Chase
Burr, Aaron 1804 Kills Hamilton in a duel
Burr, Aaron 1805 Scouts the west in search for a future settlement
Burr, Aaron 1806 Burr Conspiracy
Burr, Aaron 1807 Arrested, put on trial for treason, but acquitted, despite Jefferson's interference
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