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Favorable or Unfavorable #112: Philip Burton


Favorable or Unfavorable #112: Philip Burton  

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Philip Burton of CA is considered by conservative political commentator and speechwriter, David Frum, as the creator of the modern US Congress. His reforms in 1974 altered a few protocol things and made some other changes, such as abolishing the Committee of Un-American Activities, which is noted as doing much more harm than good, especially with making life-ruining false accusations routinely.

I can't really explain his walk out for 1975. He's the type of person that would dish out money for humanitarian reasons, so I'm assuming what angered him was the fact that there wouldn't be a crisis in the first place if LBJ-Nixon hadn't created one. 

He died fairly early--in his 50s--who knows what he would have done through the Reagan and Clinton years had he lived a normal lifespan

His actions:

Burton, Phillip 1965 One of only 3 to vote against appropriations for Vietnam War
Burton, Phillip 1970 mobilizes vote for Family Assistance Plan
Burton, Phillip 1971 powerful leader of House liberals
Burton, Phillip 1972 Key role in establishing Golden Gate Bridge as National Recreation Area
Burton, Phillip 1974 his rules reform plans come true
Burton, Phillip 1975 Walks out of speech when Ford requests aid for refugee crisis in Vietnam and Cambodia
Burton, Phillip 1975 Authors Education for All Handicapped Children Act
Burton, Phillip 1981 engineers pro-Demo CA district plan
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