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Favorable or Unfavorable #117: Benjamin F Butler


Favorable or Unfavorable #117: Benjamin F Butler  

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Benjamin F Butler of MA is a good representation of a proto-progressive, although he's more of a populist because of his chameleon-like ideological swerves. He seems to have had no long-lasting principles. Either this was contrived or he was an easily impassioned fellow. I think it's the latter. I don't know how he expected to win the governorship of MA in 1859 on a pro-slavery platform. He is far-sighted by 1867, promoting a lot of progressive things that reach fruition decades later. He's got a lot of conflicts in his actions. 

His actions:

Butler, Benjamin F 1859 Defeated for Gov of MA by running on a pro-slavery campaign
Butler, Benjamin F 1860 Urges Democrats to support Jefferson Davis for Dem nom; later backs Breckinridge
Butler, Benjamin F 1860 When SC secedes, urges Pres. Buchanan to arrest SC politicians still in DC
Butler, Benjamin F 1861 Converts from Democrat to GOP over secession
Butler, Benjamin F 1861 Quickly promoted to Maj Gen, occupies Ft Monroe, VA
Butler, Benjamin F 1861 Declares Slaves contraband
Butler, Benjamin F 1862 Controversial rule of New Orleans, while leading the occupation there
Butler, Benjamin F 1863 Given command of the Army of the James; helps squash NYC draft riots
Butler, Benjamin F 1864 Considered incompetent as general by Grant, but too politically powerful to remove in 1864
Butler, Benjamin F 1864 Offered VP spot by Lincoln, but declines
Butler, Benjamin F 1865 Removed from command of the Army of the James
Butler, Benjamin F 1866 Despite previous pro-slavery beliefs, joins Congress as a leading Civil Rights and Reconstruction voice
Butler, Benjamin F 1867 his populist causes earn label "Butlerism" (women's suffrage, 8 hr work week, fiat currency, etc)
Butler, Benjamin F 1866 Early backer of Johnson impeachment, details 8 articles for impeachment
Butler, Benjamin F 1868 now one of top Radical leaders
Butler, Benjamin F 1868 Counsel for prosecution in Johnson Impeachment case
Butler, Benjamin F 1868 waves bloody shirt as impeachment manager
Butler, Benjamin F 1868 adds Butler Amendment to AJ impeachment
Butler, Benjamin F 1871 manager of the KKK Act
Butler, Benjamin F 1872 Aids Grant in diminishing influence of Sumner and Radical Republicans
Butler, Benjamin F 1874 only eastern notable to back inflationary bill
Butler, Benjamin F 1874 bribed by Phelps Dodge to clear NY customs
Butler, Benjamin F 1874 devises a general program to save Reconstruction
Butler, Benjamin F 1874 floor manager of Sumner's Civil Rights bill
Butler, Benjamin F 1874 Involved in Sanborn Contract scandal
Butler, Benjamin F 1874 Leaves GOP for Greenback Party
Butler, Benjamin F 1884 Greenback and Antimonopoly nom for pres
Butler, Benjamin F 1889 Joins the Democrats on collapse of Greenback Party
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2 minutes ago, Murrman104 said:

Its one of those great what ifs of history if he had been VP instead of Johnson 

Yeah, he'd be more in line with Congress, but he's also so unpredictable that he might get impeached too. 

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