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Favorable or Unfavorable #121: Harry F. Byrd


Favorable or Unfavorable #121: Harry F. Byrd  

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Harry F. Byrd of VA dominated his state for 40 years. He was arguably FDR's biggest interparty opponent. If anyone wanted to point to a time when Southern Democrats were on their way to becoming Southern Republicans, it's the 2nd New Deal when conservative Democrats join conservative Republicans to oppose the New Deal and liberal GOPers join FDR and most Democrats in supporting the 2nd New Deal. 

His actions:

Byrd, Harry F 1926 As Gov of VA takes control of state political machine reframed as the Byrd Organization
Byrd, Harry F 1928 Breaks w/ many traditionalist Southerners in supporting Al Smith, a Catholic, for president
Byrd, Harry F 1932 Dem pres cand
Byrd, Harry F 1932 Declines VP offer from FDR because he thinks he can win nomination at conv
Byrd, Harry F 1935 Lead role in creating Shenandoah National Park
Byrd, Harry F. 1937 joins Dem conservative bloc against FDR, arguably becoming its leader
Byrd, Harry F. 1941 attacks agency expenditures
Byrd, Harry F. 1943 harasses war agencies
Byrd, Harry F. 1943 leads kill of National Youth Administration
Byrd, Harry F. 1944 Received protest votes at Convention but not formally a nominee
Byrd, Harry F. 1944 may leave Dems if federal soldier ballot
Byrd, Harry F. 1948 Refuses to endorse Truman's reelection
Byrd, Harry F. 1949 runs pet spending-cuts committee
Byrd, Harry F. 1952 Refuses to endorse Stevenson as Dem nom
Byrd, Harry F. 1952 Received protest votes in general election
Byrd, Harry F. 1954 Leads massive resistance to Brown v Board of Education overturning school segregation
Byrd, Harry F. 1954 Authors pro-segregation Southern Manifesto
Byrd, Harry F. 1955 Influential Senate Finance Committee Chair. Served 10 yrs -- high Eisenhower tax, JFK tax cuts
Byrd, Harry F. 1956 Major role in passing Interstate Highway Act
Byrd, Harry F. 1956 Drafts Stanley Plan aimed to ensure racial segregation in VA
Byrd, Harry F. 1956 Receives protest votes in pres election, while not being a candidate
Byrd, Harry F. 1957 drives for spending cuts
Byrd, Harry F. 1958 VA Byrd orgzn calls for massive resistance
Byrd, Harry F. 1960 wins electoral votes in Deep South as a a states rights, pro-segregation independent
Byrd, Harry F. 1962 implacable opponent of Medicare
Byrd, Harry F. 1963 stalls on Kennedy tax cut
Byrd, Harry F. 1964 Major role in both blocking and then passing Revenue Act of 1964
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