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Favorable or Unfavorable #123: Robert Byrd


Favorable or Unfavorable #123: Robert Byrd  

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Robert Byrd of WV will probably best be remembered for having been a former KKK member who enthusiastically endorsed Obama. Most of what I remember of him in real time were his interesting, impassioned speeches from 2003 on. They were simultaneously brilliant oratory and quasi-senile ramblings (see his Barbaric speech in reaction to Michael Vick and dogfighting). 

His actions:

Byrd, Robert 1952 During US House election states that he is no longer a member of the KKK (wins election)
Byrd, Robert 1956 Refuses to sign Southern Manifesto
Byrd, Robert 1960 Endorses Humphrey over JFK in primary, but JFK still wins WV primary
Byrd, Robert 1960 Breaks w/ many Southerners in supporting CR Act of 1960, despite having opposed CR Act of 1957
Byrd, Robert 1962 Unlike many Southerners supports repeal of Poll Tax, leading to 24th Amendment
Byrd, Robert 1964 Joins Deep South Dems in filibustering Civil Rights Act of 1964
Byrd, Robert 1967 Breaks w/ party by opposing Thurgood Marshall to SC, one of only 11 in opposition, likely over race
Byrd, Robert 1968 Strongly opposes RFK challenge; hopes for LBJ surprise nom at Conv
Byrd, Robert 1973 grills L. Patrick Gray re Watergate
Byrd, Robert 1976 Pres cand for Dem nom
Byrd, Robert 1977 Sen Maj Ldr
Byrd, Robert 1977 questions Carter's SALT policy
Byrd, Robert 1981 Sen Min Ldr
Byrd, Robert 1983 Votes for MLK Holiday, while publicly admitting his guilt for his old racist voting pattern
Byrd, Robert 1987 Sen Maj Ldr
Byrd, Robert 1993 Breaks w/ Clinton admin to oppose Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Byrd, Robert 1999 Only Senator to vote present on CTBT Treaty
Byrd, Robert 2002 Broke w/ majority of his party by opposing Iraq War Resolution.
Byrd, Robert 2003 Breaks w/ most Dems by voting for Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act
Byrd, Robert 2005 Praises nomination of John Roberts as ChJ of the SC
Byrd, Robert 2008 Historic vote for Obama, African-American president endorsed by former KKK member
Byrd, Robert 2009 1 of 3 Dems to oppose confirmaiton of Geithner as Sec of Treasury
Byrd, Robert 2009 Crucial vote, breaking GOP logjam on Obamacare vote, "This is for my friend Ted Kennedy! Aye!"
Byrd, Robert 2010 Longest-serving US Senator at the time of his death
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