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Favorable or Unfavorable #124: James F Byrnes


Favorable or Unfavorable #124: James F Byrnes  

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James F. Byrnes of SC is often called the most powerful Southern US Senator between the time of John C Calhoun and LBJ. He's a strange fellow because he was both extremely conservative and extremely loyal to FDR. He opposed FDR on a few things, including FDR's attempts to purge conservatives, but he always came around to supporting him. I don't know what FDR had that Truman hadn't, but if one wants a testament to FDR's leadership, how else do you explain Byrnes opposing the conservative purge/minimum wage in 1938 and then being the figure that present FDR's 3rd term bid. Truman hadn't that same power of containing Byrnes, who had all put left the Democrats by 1952.

His actions:

Byrnes, James F. 1935 Elected Speaker of the US House
Byrnes, James F. 1935 Plays key role in blocking anti-lynching bill
Byrnes, James F. 1937 presses for courtpacking compromise
Byrnes, James F. 1937 loses on anti-sitdown-strike resolution
Byrnes, James F. 1938 Breaks w/ FDR and Dems by opposing minimum wage
Byrnes, James F. 1938 carries Revenue Act disliked by FDR
Byrnes, James F. 1940 promotes FDR "draft" at Chicago convention
Byrnes, James F. 1941 Confirmed to the SC for FDR
Byrnes, James F. 1941 arranged setup of Truman Committee
Byrnes, James F. 1941 amends Lend Lease to keep congressional power
Byrnes, James F. 1942 Resigns from SC as he disliked the job; FDR puts him in charge of a Gov Econ Agency
Byrnes, James F. 1943 Placed in charge of War Mobilizaton, influence on FDR grows
Byrnes, James F. 1944 Considered for VP on FDR's ticket
Byrnes, James F. 1945 First to reveal the Manhattan Project to Truman
Byrnes, James F. 1945 Role in Moscow Conference, results upsets Truman
Byrnes, James F. 1945 Role in Potsdam Conference
Byrnes, James F. 1945 Confirmed Sec of State, becoming early influence on Truman
Byrnes, James F. 1947 Role in Paris Peace Treaties
Byrnes, James F. 1947 Resigns as Sec of State due to increasing bitterness w/ Truman
Byrnes, James F. 1952 Breaks w/ Dems to endorse Eisenhower for pres
Byrnes, James F. 1954 Opposes Brown v. Board of Education as Gov of SC
Byrnes, James F. 1956 Endorses Harry F Byrd as States Rights protest vote in pres election
Byrnes, James F. 1960 Votes Nixon over JFK
Byrnes, James F. 1964 Supports Strom Thurmond flipping switching parties to GOP to protest Civil Rights, but Byrnes stays a Dem
Byrnes, James F. 1964 Votes Goldwater over LBJ b/c of Civil Rights
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