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Favorable or Unfavorable #125: George Cabot


Favorable or Unfavorable #125: George Cabot  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #125: George Cabot

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George Cabot (MA-F) was the ancestor of Henry Cabot Lodge Sr & Jr. He's considered one of the High Federalists aligned with Hamilton, although he sometimes went his own way. 

His actions:

Cabot, George 1793 Persuades Adams to convince Washington to remove Genet during Genet Affair
Cabot, George 1797 Breaks w/ Hamilton by supporting Adams over Pinckney for pres
Cabot, George 1798 Declines Adams's offer to be the 1st Sec of Navy
Cabot, George 1798 Surprises fellow Federalists by opposing A & S Acts
Cabot, George 1800 Reluctantly supports Adams again over Pinckney, despite Hamilton's influence
Cabot, George 1804 Resists pressure to join Essex Junto
Cabot, George 1814 presiding officer of Hartford Convention
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