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Favorable or Unfavorable #126: John C Calhoun


Favorable or Unfavorable #126: John C Calhoun  

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John C Calhoun of SC is considered one of the three most powerful Senators prior to the Civil War. He is the major theorist on pro-slavery thought, and as a result, did a lot of evil, regardless of some other merits he may have had, especially during his more nationalistic periods (prior to 1832). Jackson, a strong Unionists, converted Calhoun to the leading States Rights advocate. Had Calhoun died in the 1820s, I think one can argue that you don't get the Compromise of 1850, Bleeding Kansas, and Secession. You have no other combined theorist-orator and work-a-holic capable to fill the vacancy. 

Calhoun's last "great" speech was delivered by an ally because he couldn't speak. He just sat there next to the speechmaker looking like Nosferatu.  He died weeks after the Great Compromise of 1850 of tuberculosis. 

His actions:

Calhoun, John C 1811 a leading War Hawk
Calhoun, John C 1816 notable speech regarding tariff policy
Calhoun, John C 1816 advances bill to create 2nd U.S. bank
Calhoun, John C 1817 appointed Sec of War by Monroe
Calhoun, John C 1817 big speech pro internal improvements bill
Calhoun, John C 1818 Urges punishment for Gen Jackson's unilateral invasion of FL but Monroe ignores the advice
Calhoun, John C 1821 Reluctantly reduces the army with Army Reduction Act
Calhoun, John C 1821 Selects Jacob Brown for Commanding General of US Army
Calhoun, John C 1823 Tense Intercabinet rivalry with Crawford as both gear for presidential run
Calhoun, John C 1824 Architect of Bureau of Indian Affairs
Calhoun, John C 1824 runs for president but ends up as VP fo Adams
Calhoun, John C 1824 Opposes Tariff of 1824
Calhoun, John C 1826 Breaks w/ Adams admin after talking to Van Buren, joining Jackson's coalition
Calhoun, John C 1826 As VP, Calhoun calls for an impeachment investigation against himself. Does to absolve himself of allegations against his during his time as Sec of War
Calhoun, John C 1828 Anonymously rights pamphlet promoting the theory of nullification
Calhoun, John C 1828 Incumbent VP jumps to Jackson's winning ticket as VP nom
Calhoun, John C 1829 Rift begins w/ Jackson as Calhoun's wife plays role in Petticoat Affair
Calhoun, John C 1830 Relations w/ Jackson break b/c learns Calhoun tried to censure him in 1818
Calhoun, John C 1832 Casts tie-breaking vote blocking Van Buren's permanent appt as Amb to UK
Calhoun, John C 1832 Resigns as VP in protest to Jackson and to become US Sen; holds record for tie-breaking votes by VP until 2023
Calhoun, John C 1832 cooperates with Clay to pass Tariff of 1833
Calhoun, John C 1833 Helps forge Whig party opposition against Jackson, although stays independent as Nullifier
Calhoun, John C 1833 Strongly reacts against Force Bill, leading to strong promotion of nullification and possible secession
Calhoun, John C 1834 Votes w/ Whigs to censure Jackson over Bank War
Calhoun, John C 1836 demands end to antislavery petitions
Calhoun, John C 1837 Refuses to attend Van Buren inauguration
Calhoun, John C 1837 backs Indep Treasury; defects from his independent Whig alliance, and rejoins Dems
Calhoun, John C 1837 resolution defining southern position on slavery as a positive good
Calhoun, John C 1840 Supports Van Buren to prepare for 1844 run for pres
Calhoun, John C 1840 resolution regarding UK action on slave ships
Calhoun, John C 1843 Drops out of presidential race early due to lack of support
Calhoun, John C 1844 Confirmed Sec of State for Tyler following Upshur's death
Calhoun, John C 1844 Urges Tyler to focus on Texas Annexation rather than on an Oregon Treaty
Calhoun, John C 1844 candidate for Dem pres nom
Calhoun, John C 1844 At Dem Conv, he and allies consider bolting to creating 3rd party w/ Pres. Tyler before Polk is nom
Calhoun, John C 1844 Major framer of Polk's pres platform
Calhoun, John C 1844 Finishes negotiating Texas Annexation treaty
Calhoun, John C 1846 influence on resolution regarding Oregon question
Calhoun, John C 1846 A leader among opponents of Mexican War
Calhoun, John C 1847 his slavery noninterference doctrine ("Calhoun Doctrine") stating abolishing slavery is unconstitutional on any level
Calhoun, John C 1847 tries to coalesce Southern Dems & Whigs to combat restrictions to slavery
Calhoun, John C 1848 says South should stay out of pres noms
Calhoun, John C 1848 Democratic candidate for Pres
Calhoun, John C 1850 Southern partisan rejection of Compr of 1850, gives major speech predicting Civil War and igniting Fire-Eaters
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