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Favorable or Unfavorable #127: J Donald Cameron


Favorable or Unfavorable #127: J Donald Cameron  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #127: J Donald Cameron

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J Donald Cameron of PA was the son of the better known Simon Cameron, who served in Lincoln's cabinet for a time. Cameron was a product of his father's political machine that dominated PA once the Democrats became unpopular for being the party of "secession." He had no experience to warrant being named Sec of War and it was handed to him, possibly his father's influence. I think Grant, having been the top general, didn't want a Sec of War that would try to compete with him on military affairs, so it probably worked out perfectly for Grant. He just wanted a placeholder. 

He was a vote the partyline GOPer but he did break with his party on the Lodge bill, along with Democrats and pro-Silver Republicans. I think Cameron feared violence or secession or something along those lines if federal troops were only in polls in the South because he hasn't any pattern of opposing Civil Rights.

Cameron, James Donald 1876 Confirmed Sec of War for Grant, presides during Great Sioux War
Cameron, James Donald 1876 Plays a big role in helping Hayes get GOP nom at Conv
Cameron, James Donald 1876 Sends troops to Southern states contesting election results; threat of new CW
Cameron, James Donald 1877 succeeded father as head of PA's GOP political machine
Cameron, James Donald 1877 Despite pressure, Hayes rejects idea of keeping Cameron on as Sec of War
Cameron, James Donald 1881 Influential Senate Naval Affairs Committee Chair. Served 12 years, and two more later one for 14 total
Cameron, James Donald 1890 Breaks w/ most GOP to block the Lodge Bill, designed to enforce Black voting rights in the South
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