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Favorable or Unfavorable #128: Simon Cameron


Favorable or Unfavorable #128: Simon Cameron  

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Simon Cameron of PA was somewhat of a chameleon of a politician. Going from Adams/Clay supporter to Jacksonite, to Buchananite, to anti-Buchanan, to Know Nothing, to GOPer. He seemd highly ambitious for power, having no qualms going after former allies in his own state to get ahead (see Buchanan and Woodward below). To his credit, he was calling for the emancipation of slaves before Lincoln, while as Sec of War, but I don't have an exact date to place it on the timeline and I don't know if he did so publicly to make it an action. 

His actions:

Cameron, Simon 1832 Accepted Jackson's request to urge PA call for a Jackson 2nd term
Cameron, Simon 1835 Fails to get Jackson to appt him as Gov of MI Territory
Cameron, Simon 1844 As a Buchanan ally, supports Buchanan for Dem nom at Conv
Cameron, Simon 1845 Embraces some policies of Whigs and burgeoning know nothings (anti-immigrant) to win Sen seat, upsets Dems
Cameron, Simon 1846 major role in blocking Woodward nom to the SC, causing permanent rift w/ Polk
Cameron, Simon 1846 Breaks w/ Dems by opposing Walker Tariff, forcing VP Dallas to break tie
Cameron, Simon 1846 Supports both Mex War and Wilmot Proviso, opposes annexing land that could become slave states
Cameron, Simon 1848 Accuses of working behind the scenes to def Buchanan at Conv, who he pledged to support
Cameron, Simon 1852 Works against Buchanan at Dem Conv again despite instructions to support him
Cameron, Simon 1856 Considered for VP on GOP ticket; joins GOP after flirting with Know Nothings
Cameron, Simon 1857 One of only 4 GOPers in Senate to support Buchanan's Utah War
Cameron, Simon 1860 pres candidate, possible VP, and influence at GOP conv
Cameron, Simon 1861 appointed Sec of War by Lincoln, reluctantly (Cameron had option of Sec of Treasury too)
Cameron, Simon 1862 Removed by Lincoln as Sec of War since ineffective and corrupt; made US Amb to Russia
Cameron, Simon 1869 creates GOP political machine in PA
Cameron, Simon 1876 Convinces Grant to appt son (J Donald Cameron) as Sec of War
Cameron, Simon 1877 Resigns from US Sen after assures that seat goes to his son
Cameron, Simon 1880 Strong supporter for Grant's 3rd term bid at GOP conv
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