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Favorable or Unfavorable #130: Clarence Cannon


Favorable or Unfavorable #130: Clarence Cannon  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #130: Clarence Cannon

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Clarence Cannon (MO-D) would certainly be a Republican today. He was among the most penny-pinching politicians. After WWII, he called for an immediately defense budget reduction. He opposed money going to NASA & space exploration. He criticized JFK and LBJ's domestic spending. He seems to have been high volatile, getting into all sorts of verbal spats, but only one noticable assault. 

His actions:

Cannon, Clarence 1941 Influential House Appropriations Committee Chair. Served through WWII
Cannon, Clarence 1945 Punches GOP Rep John Tabor in the face
Cannon, Clarence 1955 Influential House Appropriations Committee Chair. Serves about 9 years for this 3rd time. 17 years total.
Cannon, Clarence 1956 Despite being conservative Dem from MO, refuses to sign Southern Manifesto
Cannon, Clarence 1962 Denounces extravagant spending by his party
Cannon, Clarence 1962 Votes present on bill that will become 24th Amendment, abolishing poll tax
Cannon, Clarence 1964 Southern Conservative Dem, albeit not Deep South, that votes for CR Act of 1964
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8 hours ago, vcczar said:

No real strong opinion, but I voted him unfavorable for being a disharmonious miser. 

Punching the Rep and opposition to NASA/Space Exploration does the unfavorable for me. Hopefully, he wasn't an early Flat Earther. 😛 

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