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Favorable or Unfavorable #131: Joseph G Cannon


Favorable or Unfavorable #131: Joseph G Cannon  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #131: Joseph G Cannon

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Speaker Cannon (IL-R) led both the US House and the conservative GOP through almost the entire Progressive Era. Most scholars agree he was the most powerful Speaker in US history because he created rules that gave him total power basically. Not captured in the actions below are his opposition to several progressive ideals such as Women's Suffrage because I haven't a vote or major speech to document for this. He came into Congress as an anti-reformer, stalwart in 1872. His image was, I believe, on the first issue of Time Magazine.

His actions:

Cannon, Joseph G. 1883 House Republican Conference Chair. While not also serving as speaker
Cannon, Joseph G. 1895 Influential House Appropriations Committee Chair. Serves during Spanish-American War (and 2 years earlier for a total of 10 years)
Cannon, Joseph G. 1899 Defeated in bid for Speaker
Cannon, Joseph G. 1901 leads opposition to Newlands Act
Cannon, Joseph G. 1902 advises TR against tariff reform
Cannon, Joseph G. 1903 Elected Speaker of the US House, becoming arguably the most powerful in US history
Cannon, Joseph G. 1903 Influential House Rules Committee Chair. Also while as Speaker, using it to controversially strengthen his power
Cannon, Joseph G. 1903 powerful conservative leader opposed to progressive reform
Cannon, Joseph G. 1905 backs TR off tariff reform
Cannon, Joseph G. 1907 He and TR becomes consistent rivals on GOP policy
Cannon, Joseph G. 1907 Opposes Meat Inspection Act
Cannon, Joseph G. 1908 Rep Cand for Pres
Cannon, Joseph G. 1908 opposes Taft planks in GOP platform
Cannon, Joseph G. 1909 role in Payne-Aldrich Tariff
Cannon, Joseph G. 1909 beats back insurgent challenge to rules
Cannon, Joseph G. 1909 retaliates against attempts to overthrow him by removing Progs from committees
Cannon, Joseph G. 1909 Speakership saved by TR and Taft
Cannon, Joseph G. 1910 loses to insurgent rules challenge by Progs and Dems
Cannon, Joseph G. 1910 Refuses to serve as minority leader following Dem takeover of House
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