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Favorable or Unfavorable #133: Joseph M Carey


Favorable or Unfavorable #133: Joseph M Carey  

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Joseph M Carey of WY is one of the few people of this state that will get a poll. He might be the most influential person for this state. His frequent party flipping and willingness to back Wilson in 1916, while as a member of the GOP, has more to do with the fact that parties weren't ideological parties and the West hadn't strong state parties to really compel or convince progressives to stay with a given party. 

His actions:

Carey, Joseph M. 1890 Introduces Wyoming statehood bill and becomes one of WY's 1st Sens
Carey, Joseph M. 1894 Carey Irrigation Act
Carey, Joseph M. 1895 Defeated in reelection b/c rare Westerner opposed to Free Silver
Carey, Joseph M. 1897 Vocally supports Women's Suffrage
Carey, Joseph M. 1910 Switches parties to Democrat and wins Gov of WY as Dem
Carey, Joseph M. 1912 Switches to Progressive Party for this election, but back to GOP when it ends.
Carey, Joseph M. 1912 Backs TR over Taft while as Gov of WY, but Wilson wins his state
Carey, Joseph M. 1916 Despite recently returning to GOP, supports Wilson over Hughes in pres election
Carey, Joseph M. 1917 Backs Prohibition
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