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Favorable or Unfavorable #134: John G. Carlisle


Favorable or Unfavorable #134: John G. Carlisle  

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John G Carlisle (KY-D) was one of the few Democrats that could stand out as powerful during the Gilded Age. The GOP so controlled the nation that we only get Cleveland, Bayard, Randall, Tilden, and a few other Dems able to get any attention. Carlisle belongs to this group. 

He emerges as a pro-silver Democrat in the 1870s, but as you can see, he embraces gold, which is a tenant of the Bourbon Democrats. He ran for president 3 times, but while he was a popular Democrat for most of his history, he was usually ignored on the presidential front because he was from KY. His 1894 action puts him almost completely at odds with his earlier self as he opposes a bill reducing the tariff and calls for the end of silver currency. I think his opposition to the tariff might have been the income tax or that it only slightly reduced the McKinley Tariff. By 1896, he's getting boo'd off the stage because the pro-silver wing is the majority of the party after the Panic of 1893 makes Cleveland and the Bourbon Dems unpopular. However, Carlisle is one of the few Dems that refuses to support his party in the 1896 election. 

His actions:

Carlisle, John G. 1880 Dem Cand for Pres as an emerging leader among Bourbon Dems
Carlisle, John G. 1883 Elected Speaker of the US House, strongly supported by fellow low tariff Dems
Carlisle, John G. 1884 Dem Cand for Pres
Carlisle, John G. 1889 Comes in 2nd for Speaker as GOP retakes House
Carlisle, John G. 1890 widely circulated speech against Reed rules
Carlisle, John G. 1892 candidate for Dem pres nom, but he seeks cabinet position
Carlisle, John G. 1893 Confirmed Sec of Treasury for Cleveland, presiding during Panic of 1893
Carlisle, John G. 1894 Opposes Wilson-Gorman Tariff and favors ending silver currency, making him unpopular among most Dems
Carlisle, John G. 1896 Refuses to back Bryan for pres, endorsing 3rd party Gold Dem, Palmer
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