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Favorable or Unfavorable #137: Clifford Case


Favorable or Unfavorable #137: Clifford Case  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #137: Clifford Case

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Clifford Case (NJ-R) is one of the last Rockefeller Republicans as the party became more and more socially conservative. He was to the left of many prominent Dems, such as Humphrey. 

His actions:

Case, Clifford 1954 Liberal-wing GOPer condemning Joseph McCarthy
Case, Clifford 1961 GOPer supportive of JFK's New Frontier & LBJ's Great Society
Case, Clifford 1965 One of only 13 GOPers to vote for Medicare
Case, Clifford 1968 Fails in strategy to get Rockefeller GOP nom at convention
Case, Clifford 1970 Supports McGovern-Hatfield amendment to end Vietnam war
Case, Clifford 1972 Case Act regarding cong approval of exec agreemts
Case, Clifford 1973 Case-Church Amend't suspending aid to Vietnam and Cambodia unless Congr approval
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